50+ Wintivities

Winter is easily the worst season. I don’t like cold, I don’t like snow, I can’t ice skate for the life of me, but I do like sweaters, and hot chocolate and Christmas, so I deal with it. Since I did my Falltivities post, I decided to put together a list of some winter activities (wintivities) that could be fun for dates, hanging out with friends, family activities, etc. Hopefully you will check some of these wintivities off your list, and have fun doing it!

guide to winter activities

  1. Hot chocolate/coffee date
  2. Hot tubing in the snow
  3. Blanket fort
  4. Skiing
  5. Snowboarding
  6. Tubing
  7. sledding
  8. Build a snowman
  9. Snowball fight
  10. Build a gingerbread house
  11. Gingerbread men decorating
  12. Sleigh ride
  13. horse drawn carriage
  14. dog sledding
  15. Paper snowflakes
  16. Make an ice fort/igloo
  17. Snow angels
  18. Winter photo shoot
  19. Ugly sweater party
  20. Twister in the snow with paint
  21. Colored water balloon fight in snow
  22. Temple square
  23. Light displays (there’s a ton of houses/streets that go all out, you just have to find them!)
  24. Snow graffiti with colored water
  25. Cabin sleepover
  26. Make and send holiday cards
  27. Mistletoe kiss
  28. Reindeer at petting zoo
  29. Festival of lights
  30. Midway ice castles
  31. Host a game night
  32. Host a pot luck dinner
  33. Share family recipes with friends
  34. Host brunch
  35. Ice skating
  36. Snowmobiling
  37. Snowshoeing
  38. Cross-country skiing
  39. Polar bear plung
  40. Ice fishing
  41. Make snow cream http://www.gimmesomeoven.com/how-to-make-snow-ice-cream-recipe/
  42. Go on a weekend getaway
  43. Indoor picnic
  44. Board game night
  45. Blow/freeze bubbles http://lifestyle.howstuffworks.com/crafts/seasonal/winter/winter-experiments1.htm
  46. pajama day (all day)
  47. bake and decorate cookies
  48. set New Years goals
  49. kiss someone at midnight on New Years
  50. Make your own valentines
  51. Prank someone
  52. Pay it forward
  53. Learn how to crochet or knit
  54. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
  55. Make candy
  56. Random acts of kindness
  57. Go to a hockey game
  58. Go to color me mine & paint mugs (or another place where you can paint your own pottery)
  59. Take a staycation (stay at a local B&B or inn)
  60. Find the best hot chocolate in your area
  61. Try a new soup or stew
  62. Make a bucket list for the next year
  63. Winter hike
  64. Festival of trees
  65. Anything on my Christmas activity list (Click Here)
  66. Go see a play
  67. Go to the ballet (Nutcracker)

And if you want to pin, print, or share this list, here’s a picture form:



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