An Open Letter To The Boy Who Lasted A Month

To the boy who lasted a month,

First let me thank you. Thank you for the butterflies you gave me, and the texts you sent me, and the dates we went on, and the smiles and laughs you caused to come across my lips. I’m grateful that I met you and that you hurt me. As strange as it sounds, I really am grateful for that. People probably expect me to hate you, and I have to admit there are days when your name ignites a fire and I’ve cried, but I don’t hate you.

What I don’t get is why? Why only a month, 30 days, 720 hours? Isn’t that a little cruel? To date me for a month and then quit? We got along, we could be ourselves, we had fun. I know we both were afraid, but if it doesn’t scare you, it isn’t really worth doing. We were great, but it still ended. We used to talk every day and hang out all the time, but now we just sort of co-exist.

I hope you get over the issues you have. The anxieties and fears and the things that kept us from lasting. I’ve forgiven you for what you did, how you might tell me you never meant to hurt me, but you still did. I forgave you.

I hope that if in the future our paths cross, we will both be content with our lives, and what is in store for us. I hope we both find what we deserve, and that we both are happy.

I hope the new girl treats you well. I hope that she appreciates your smile, your music, the way your eyes light up. I hope she appreciates the little jingles you make up and sing over and over all day. I hope she appreciates the way you dance in the car, how you call out to random strangers, or that look you get on your face after you make a stupid joke. I hope she appreciates it, because I did.

But above all, I hope you find love. You know, the kind of love that lasts for more than a month, because you deserve it.


That One Girl


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