Asking to a Dance

Asking to a high school dance is probably one of the most stressful parts of high school. Why do we have this unspoken rule that you can't just walk up to someone and ask them? Instead, it has to be unique, creative, and different. Every dance you spend hours and try to come up with … Continue reading Asking to a Dance


Netflix and Binge

The dreaded show hole. You know, the empty feeling engulfs your soul when you finish one series on Netflix and sit there wondering what to watch next. You feel as if you've watched everything available on netflix. This is where Estee's Guide to Netflix Binging comes into play. According to as of January 2016, … Continue reading Netflix and Binge

An Open Letter To The Boy Who Lasted A Month

To the boy who lasted a month, First let me thank you. Thank you for the butterflies you gave me, and the texts you sent me, and the dates we went on, and the smiles and laughs you caused to come across my lips. I'm grateful that I met you and that you hurt me. … Continue reading An Open Letter To The Boy Who Lasted A Month


September Favorites

Favorite Beauty Product: My makeup has been super simple for all of September, but I did get Bareminerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream  and it's actually pretty good! I'm not a huge fan of the brush that you're supposed to use with it, I find it easier to just apply it with my hands. It's … Continue reading September Favorites