50 Falltivities

We all have those moments where we are just bored and want to go do something new. With fall quickly approaching I decided to put together a list of some fall activities (falltivities) that could be fun for dates, hanging out with friends, family activities, etc. Hopefully you will check some of these falltivities off your list, and have fun doing it!


  1. Coffee/hot chocolate date
  2. Haunted house
  3. Corn maze
  4. Orchard apple picking
  5. Visit a local farm
  6. Bonfire and s’mores
  7. Blanket fort
  8. Stargazing
  9. Picnic
  10. Halloween movie marathon
  11. Carve or paint pumpkins
  12. Hike
  13. Canyon drive
  14. Scary movie marathon
  15. Camping
  16. Football game
  17. Make pies
  18. Fall photo shoot
  19. Caramel apples
  20. Zoo or petting zoo
  21. Escape room
  22. Pumpkin patch
  23. Host a chili cook-off
  24. Watch a sunset
  25. Make your own Halloween costume
  26. Make a “thankful for” list
  27. Go antiquing
  28. Thrift shopping
  29. Go on a haunted tour
  30. Canning or jam making
  31. Try a new pumpkin recipe
  32. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  33. Make some Leaf art
  34. Jump in a pile of leaves
  35. Tell scary stories
  36. Fly kites on a windy day
  37. Find a fall festival near you
  38. Fall bike ride
  39. Dessert party with fall theme
  40. Drive in movie
  41. Hay ride
  42. Drink apple cider
  43. Halloween party
  44. Bake cookies (pumpkin)
  45. Nature walk
  46. Board games
  47. Moonlight ride
  48. Trunk or treating
  49. Farmers markets
  50. Flea markets

And if you want to pin, print, or share this list, here’s a picture form:



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