Each and every day my love for Sodalicious grows ever fonder. I think setting goals for yourself is extremely important. My goal? To try every Sodalicious drink. Sounds a little crazy, I know. Some things you should know about me before continuing:
1. I like my drinks fruity.
2. not the biggest fan of cherry, green apple, chunks, or the thought of mixing fruity flavors into root beer.
3. I am the biggest fan of peach, Mnt Dew, Dr. Pepper, Coconut, and caffeine.
4. I hardly ever give 10’s. a 10/10 means I’m dropping all other drinks forever and would rig my faucets to flow the drink freely.
Now listed below are each of the Sodalicious drinks, their ingredients, and my personal rating of the drink. Now just because a drink says it’s a 2/10 doesn’t mean it’s a bad drink. It’s my opinion of the drink. So if a drink sounds good to you, but has a low rating, try it anyway! Lastly, this is a work in progress. Sodalicious is always adding new mixology to their menu, and I will try to add them as they come. The drinks with N/A are drinks I haven’t tried yet.
Now what you’ve been waiting for:
Dr Pepper:
Ak special: Dr. Pepper, Coconut, Vanilla 8/10
Amen: Dr. Pepper, Almond, Cherry  2/10
Black Forest: Dr. Pepper, Cherry, Chocolate N/A
Cherrylicious: Dr. Pepper, Cheesecake Cherry N/A
Jojos mojo: Dr. Pepper, Double Coconut, Pomegranate 5/10
Southern gentleman: Dr. Pepper, Peach, Vanilla 9/10
Your mom: Dr. Pepper, Blackberry, Coconut 6/10
Foreign Figures: Dr. Pepper, Cherry, Vanilla, Fresh Lime 6/10 (kind of get a medicine tasting vibe)
El Doctoro: Dr. Pepper, Horchata 6/10
Triple D: Diet Dr. Pepper, Sugar-free Coconut, Fresh Lime 3/10 (soda should not taste this healthy)
My Jam: Dr. Pepper, Raspberry Puree, coconut 8/10
Mnt. Dew:
2nd wife: Mtn Dew, Blood Orange, Mango 9/10
Blue bombshell: Mtn Dew, Blue Curacao, Passion Fruit, Coconut 9/10
Just dew it: Mtn Dew, Green Apple, Pineapple 3/10 (very green apple)
Lucky: Mtn Dew, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit 8/10
Mango Mtn Dew: Mtn Dew, Mango Puree 7/10 (very simple, but has a few chunks)
Persephone: Mtn Dew, Pomegranate, Fresh Lime 3/10
#selfie: Mtn Dew, Strawberry, Pineapple 8/10
The tide: Mtn Dew, Blue Curacao, Blue Raspberry 8/10
Summer lovin: Mtn Dew, Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach 8/10 (The flavors added change on occasion.)
The cougar: Mnt Dew, Blue Curacao, Pear 8/10
Fictionist: Code Red Mtn Dew, Pina Colada Puree, Whipped Cream 5/10 (decent flavor, but the chunks…)
NCMO: Code Red Mtn Dew, Red Raspberry, Pineapple 8/10
Spikey Swordfish:½ Mtn Dew, ½ Lemonade, Blue Curacao, Green Apple 6/10 (sweet taste at first, then turns sour)
Happier Valley: Mtn Dew, Pineapple, Coconut, Maraschino Cherry 8/10
Flaming Ginger: Mtn Dew, Mango Puree, Strawberry 7/10 (very bold flavor)
The Upside: Mtn Dew, 1/2 Grenadine, 1/2 Cheesecake, Pineapple, Maraschino Cherry 9/10
Eternal companion: 7up, Blue Curacao, Peach 8/10
What She’s Having: 7up, Blood Orange, Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon 8/10 (fruit salad in a drink, aka super fruity)
Castaway: 7up, Coconut, Guava, Fresh Lime 3/10
Curtis Cocktail: 7up, Blood Orange, Red Raspberry N/A
Lime Rickey: 7up, Grape, Fresh Lime N/A
Happy Valley: 7up, Pineapple, Coconut, Maraschino Cherry 8/10

Shirley Temple: 7up, Grenadine, Maraschino Cherries N/A

Boy Scout: Root Beer, Toasted Marshmallow 8/10 (tastes like a toasted marshmallow, would be super good extra dirty)
O’Ryan: Root Beer, Caramel, Vanilla N/A
Eagle Scout: Root Beer, Toasted Marshmallow, Chocolate N/A
Orange Bang:
Gold Medalist: Orange Bang, Mtn Dew, Coconut N/A
Orange Creamsicle: Orange Bang, Vanilla, Extra Dirty, Whipped Cream N/A
Coke/ Diet Coke:
I love Lucy: Coke, Cranberry, Raspberry 7/10
Million Bucks: Coke, Cranberry, Vanilla N/A
Rocky Mountain High: Coke, Cherry, Coconut N/A
Just Friends: Diet Coke, Pineapple, Coconut 7/10 
Viking: Coke Zero, Raspberry Puree N/A
JT: Diet Coke, English Toffee N/A
It’s not me its you: Pepsi, Raspberry Puree, Vanilla 4/10
Naughty Boy: Pepsi, Coconut, Blue Curacao  7/10 (I can see how a Pepsi fan would like this, but I’m not a pepsi fan)
Funky cold medina: Fresca, Peach, Blue Curacao, Cranberry, Fresh Lime 7/10
My- Ty: Fresca, Grapefruit, Fresh Lime N/A
2nd base: Lemonade, Pineapple, Blue Curacao 7/10
Civil Marriage: Lemonade, Blue Curacao, Peach 8/10
Pixie: Lemonade, Blueberry, Pomegranate 7/10
for more information about Sodalicious please visit http://www.sodaliciousutah.com/

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