Washi Wall DIY


If you’re anything like me, you like creative ways to decorate. And thanks to some inspiration from Pinterest, and a few dollars well spent, I now have a super cute wall in my bedroom. This is such an easy DIY and is perfect for anyone, especially if you’re renting and can’t put holes in the wall or paint.


  • Washi tape (I used less than one roll, but you might need more depending on the size of your wall and how large your + are)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • wall
  • pencil (optional, but recommended)


  1. Measure out wall and decide how much room you want between each +.
  2. If you want, you can mark on your wall where each + will go. (I didn’t do this but I would recommend it.)
  3. Measure out strips of washi tape. I did mine 2 inches, but you can make them as big or as small as you want.
  4. Optional: if you want to do the math and figure out how much washi tape you need, mark on your wall where each + will be and then count how many +s you’ll have total(rows by columns), then multiply that by how long your tape strips will be and then multiply that number by two. (For example I have 84 +s, 14 columns and 6 rows, and each of my strips are 2 inches long. so 84×2=168 and 168×2=336, so I needed 336 inches of washi tape (or 28 feet).
  5. start placing them on the wall! I found it was easiest to start on one side and lay out all of the vertical strips of tape out for one line, and then lay across all the horizontal strips, but you can do whatever feels right to you.
  6. make sure to measure as you go, and check to make sure your lines are straight (you don’t want to have crooked lines and have to go back and redo the whole thing)

There are so many different designs you can do with just washi tape and a wall! I went to pinterest to give you a little inspiration and even got inspired for my next washi project! here are a few examples I found which you could copy, or create your own design completely. Happy tapeing!



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